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Women's 100% Cotton Sleepwear
attractive & comfortable
Tekstil Dijana - Spavaćice za žene, spavaćica 01 03 Tekstil Dijana - Spavaćice za žene, spavaćica
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beautiful piece of lingerie Zenske gacice, bokserice, zenski donji ves, pamucni zenski ves, spavacice, pidzame, bademantili za zene 02 03 V
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muške bokserice i slip gaće online prodaja, kvalitetan donji veš za muškarce, muške gaće, muske slip gace, potkošulje, pidžame, muški ogrtači i majice, bademantili muski, muske bokserice velikih brojeva, klasicne muske gace - bokserice online prodaja Men's Collection 01 03 best quality

About us

The family company Dijana tekstil has over 30 years of successful work in the production of textile from 100 percent eco-friendly cotton, with a rounded mechanism, which includes the purchase of yarn from imports, knitting, finishing, tailoring and finally, sewing of finished products.


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Spavacice, Pidzame zenske, muske, djecije, zenski i muski donji ves, pamučne pidžame

Our Product

In our offer you can find underwear made of quality natural cotton for women, men and children, nightgowns, pajamas and bathrobes, soft blankets, towels and other baby accessories in all colors.


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Tekstil Dijana