About us

Who says that modern times don’t go along with traditional ones?! It’s a matter of attitude, quality and accepting yourself.


The family company Dijana tekstil has over 30 years of successful work in the production of textile from 100 percent eco-friendly cotton, with a rounded mechanism, which includes the purchase of yarn from imports, knitting, finishing, tailoring and finally, sewing of finished products. This whole process is the motto by which we are unique in the entire region.
The first technological phase of textile production is knitting, then knitting processing, which includes dyeing, bleaching, washing and drying.
Significant investments in equipment and infrastructure, on which the constant growth of production volume and the number of employees depend, are necessary for the improvement of business and the annual production of one million items is not the number we plan to keep.
Tailoring, as the next stage of the technological process is divided into several technological operations. These are all preparations for transport to the sewing room, which is equipped with modern machines of various types. It enables the production of a wide range of products and we are particularly specialized in making embroidery.


Control and packaging represent the final stage in the technological process of production. Each sewn product is inspected.

In addition to food and housing, clothing has always been an unavoidable need in the daily life of human being, from time immemorial to the present day. Dijana tekstil offers a wide selection of nunderwear, nightgowns, pajamas and bathrobes made of quality natural cotton.

Choose simply, choose naturally! Give your skin a natural right to breathe.